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 Oxy Jen: The Sancture of Buai

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PostSubject: Oxy Jen: The Sancture of Buai   Fri Jan 31, 2014 3:43 pm

NAME: Oxy Jen



BASIC PLOT: When Kastin Shin from Omegga Ports finds himself washed up on the strange island of Buai, the people of the mythical island have deemed their savior for he is the 'Oxymarin', the one who can breathe under water. The Sancture (Priestess) of Buai, Jenna, has a duty to the people of Buai. She must do the Rituali Lumos dance underwater to keep the healing waters of Buai pure. Many priestesses before her have tried and they have all failed. Will Kastin be the key to saving Buai or will Jenna's disapproval of the outsider potentially be Buai's downfall?

Soooo, yeah. If you wanna use this idea, be my guest! Make sure you post here to say you're interested and who your partner is! It'll be good to give your partner this link too!

Have fun!

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Oxy Jen: The Sancture of Buai
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