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 Writing Challenge #3

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Evil Genius
Evil Genius

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PostSubject: Writing Challenge #3   Mon Apr 28, 2014 8:01 pm

It's been a while, but here is the long-awaited third installment in the Writing Challenge series! This time, I think I'll make you do something really difficult.. Throw you to the dogs and force you to get back into tip-top writing shape! Yeah!

Or, maybe, I'm feeling fond of the weather.



I would like you to write a post. It could be short, long, a story, a poem, whatever. Whichever form of writing you choose, you must describe the weather to me. It could be a lovely spring day with a light breeze, a hot summer sidewalk, or frozen. [Hooray for two references at once!] I want you to put as much effort into this as possible to try and make your readers FEEL your setting!

Aaaand.. go!

I really like rainbows
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PostSubject: Re: Writing Challenge #3   Mon Apr 28, 2014 9:49 pm

Well This was a thing I did for English class this morning. We were basically supposed to take words from a passage and assemble them into a poem. (And then "Make the formatting interesting" which is why it looks all weird.) I might decide to write something specifically for this but I thought it was ironic that the poem I wrote literally a few hours ago fits that theme pretty well.

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PostSubject: Re: Writing Challenge #3   Wed Apr 30, 2014 1:27 pm

When there's a writing challenge, you know where I am...
It is warm.
Janet lies on the ground, letting the wind blow across her bare skin. Blades of grass lash her stomach, leaving small red lines that quickly fade away. They are cool.
She closes her eyes. Sweat rolls from her eyelids down to the edges of her eyelashes, forming a small pool of water that bogs her eyes downwards. She dries one of her fingers on her shorts and wipes the water off.
It is a bit more than warm.
Janet’s back begins to heat up once more and she rolls over, letting her stomach press against a new patch of cool grass. A bit of dirt sticks to her skin and her hair becomes more tangled than it already is. She lifts her ponytail off the back of her neck and places it over her head, leaving the ends of her hair dangling into her eyes.
She grabs for her nearby water bottle. The blue plastic of the bottle steams up as she touches it, leaving a white line on the outside of the bottle when she touches it. She lifts it up to her mouth and drains the small pool of water that remains inside.
It is much too hot.
Her stomach is as red as an apple and has adopted the texture of a snake. Her skin burns whenever she moves from side to side, and small flakes of white dot the grass when she finally gets up to go inside. Her shoulders hurt when she flexes them; her cheeks are burning up like she has a fever. Her skin feels too tight for her body, like she’s wearing a shirt made for her younger sisters instead of one of her own.
The air conditioning inside is a welcome relief. It’s like cool water is being dumped down her back and oh how does Janet enjoy it. She melts down towards the ground, worshiping the cool, pale tile flooring, soaking it in the process.
The sun finds its way through the window and attacks her again soon enough. Her back burns yet again.
Janet crawls her way to her bed and plops right in. Even though her blinds are closed, sunlight still streams down onto her black covers. The air conditioning battles the heat, but her feet still fry under the thin sheet.
She falls to sleep, burns reddening on her back and the hope that tomorrow might bring rain drifting through her head.

I like green. And writing the insane people.
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PostSubject: Re: Writing Challenge #3   

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Writing Challenge #3
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