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 Those Who Walk Away

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PostSubject: Those Who Walk Away   Tue Jul 01, 2014 1:43 am

Two outcasts have been best friends since they were in diapers, only thing really strange about them is that one friend is a boy and the other is a girl. Many wonder why they are just friends. It is the summer before their junior year, the boy left to his grandparents house just like always in the beginning of the summer, but he came back different. He was hot, and acted like a 'cool' kid. A major transformation accomplished with the help of the Queen Bee. There are just a few weeks left in the summer. Will this friendship last or will they guy be sucked up by those popular people and a popular girl? Will he leave his best friend behind? Well, while he was gone, she befriended a different type of guy. A loner some might say. One who didn't make the best of choices from smoking to drinking to drugs. Only time shall tell what will happen, but time may be saying its time to walk away.


No god-modding. duh.
Nobody is perfect so for goodness sake, your character is not either.
Keep drama IC and not OOC
Try to post at least a paragraph. I know it can be hard, but no one-liners.
Use correct spelling and grammar as best you can.
Please tell me if you're not going to be able to post for awhile. We want this to stay active!
Reserve a spot by either PM or on this post.
Have fun!


The Male Best Friend [open]
The Bad Choice [open]

The Female Best Friend [open]
The Queen Bee [Taken by Me]

~Character Outline~

Full Name:
Sexual Orientation:
Looks: (realistic picture please)
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Posts : 226
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Age : 21
Location : Michigan

PostSubject: Re: Those Who Walk Away   Tue Jul 01, 2014 1:54 am

Full Name: Savannah Skye
Nickname: Sav
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Sexual Orientation: Straight
History: She doesn't talk about it and no one asks.
Personality: She seems to devote her time to popularity and everything that comes with it. From clothes to accessories. From boys to a posse of wannabes. She is surprisingly kind, but she knows how to manipulate people. Girls resent her but it's difficult to hate her. She is known to jump from boy to boy but lately she's been attached to a rather "unpopular" boy who has now been brought to popularity thanks to her. She does have a deeper side to her, though it's difficult to reach.
Looks: Savannah
Other: She enjoys drawing and is rather good though she only does it when she is completely alone. No one knows.
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Those Who Walk Away
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