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 Mini Stories In My Head.

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PostSubject: Mini Stories In My Head.   Sun Apr 28, 2013 1:20 am

One Way

It always had to be Wednesday when they made Baked Potato Soup. The day she had to work and get piles and piles of paperwork done, Mile's Diner was busy making her favorite soup. She would have to call off one day to pay the diner a visit, take a seat, and drown her thoughts away in the creamy, brothy soup. Wether it was worth losing money over, she'd debate that somewhere between the fifth or sixth spoonful.

"Cassandra, you got those papers?"

"Not all of them,"she mumbled, pulled away from her daydream of soup and days off. The two were going to be a myth to her for the day and the next week if she didn't get done with that paperwork. As if the pile in front of her wasn't a reminder, her secretary hovering over her shoulder, Denise, sure filled in the void thoughts.

"You need to,"she replied, bending picking up a paper or two that had fell to the floor. Denise had no business bending over in that off navy blue miniskirt. It was practically melting against her shapely legs, but the fabric spoke business and apparently that was enough for her young helper of 24. If she were anywhere else in the ensemble doing what she did then, she would have turned some heads, widen some eyes, and...Cassandra cut her thoughts off there, swiveling in her chair to glare at the auburn haired beauty.

"You need to stop that."

"Stop what? Helping?"she answered, straightening herself to send Cassandra a bewildered, green eyed stare.

"Bending in that skirt. Are you trying to show the entire office your beauties?" She had meant for the question to be rhetorical by the laughing scowl on her lips, but Denise looked taken aback. She pulled the files close to her chest in a soft cream blouse that also had an unnecessary V cut, pursing her lips in defiance.

"We're the only ones in here, Cass. And no? Since when did I seem like some office hussy? Mid or a quarter of the way through your daydream?"

"Mid." A choking sound from Denise pulled a playful grin from Cassandra who pulled the files from her secretary's clutches. "It was a joke. I'm just looking out for you."

"At work."

"Anywhere,"she retorted, another paper nearly kissing the carpet beside her black heels before Cassandra snatched it mid flight, "You know that. I'm nearly your sister away from sister anyway. I have to do this annoying nagging every once in a while." Denise's expression of awe was replaced with a soft smile at Cassandra's statement, like she figured, and proceeded to explain her feelings about her in return.

Cassadra half-listened, half returned to her soup daydream. Mile's was a good 10 to 15 minutes away from Ben Bunnson's Law Firm, give or take the rush hour. That early in the afternoon she might get stuck in the car, baking in the intense Mississippi heat. This week was the hottest it had been all summer, and no matter how many times she reminded herself to dress for the weather, her job simply wouldn't allow her any leeway.

That was a lie and she knew it, though it wasn't going to change her mindset. Cassandra crossed her leg over the other in her bold, black slacks. It was cool in the office anyway. Why did she need to go all out just to beat the heat? Her legs weren't a horror, but what was having them exposed beneath the dark underbelly of her desk going to do? There weren't any onlookers and it sure wasn't going to help her quicken her paperwork completion.

It all went back to her outlook on her body and her job; an outlook that she didn't want to get into. Not while Denise was yapping away about her college life. Cassandra was going to get the girl out of her office or die trying. Hypocritical to the sister line as it may have been, but she was starting to grow a headache the size of Arkansas and with no lunch past 1:15, the throbbing was only the beginning.

"Never did like Darcie Brooks anyhow. She told me we were besties, almost sisters. But besties just don't mess around with other besties's exes."

"They do when they're desperate," Cassandra threw in, ignoring Denise's exaggerated gasp.

"Cassandra!" The answer was a groan and a gentle rubbing motion towards the side of her head. Denise didn't take the hint. "How could you? Would you do that to your bestie?" She didn't have the time or patience to explain to poor, naive d\Denise about her social life. It was a long, winding, complicated subject and definitely one that wasn't going to be uprooted during a cataclysmic paperwork meltdown. Hastily tucking a stray strand of her strawberry blonde hair behind her ear, Cass deliberately avoided the question, beating her papers against the desk to straighten them into some sort of a stack.

"I need Meyer Urgot's file from Ben's office. You still have the key, right?" Denise gave Cassandra a disappointed mother's scowl, her pink painted lips pulling at the end.

"You know he doesn't like when we go in there when he's not here. He gets all cranky and gives us lectures 3 hours long."

"Weren't you a rebel in college?"


"Denise, I gotta get this done, okay?"she groaned, the headache ever expanding on her right temple. "If I don't have that file. I'll be here until next Monday."

"Why didn't you just get it before he went to court? He wasn't with a client and you weren't doing anything."

"I was doing what I'm doing now. I can't do two thousand things at the same time no matter how bad I wish I could." She knew she was complaining. It came with the headache along with a dry mouth and short temper. It was always like this on Wednesdays at the firm. Ben Busson, the onwner and prime lawyer at the firm, locks himself in his office and doesn't budge until the court hearing. Even if the case was nothing but a Fender Bender, Ben was going to be there and show his prized, white-toothed smile.

He was poser, doing anything and everything to have the camera his way. It was little short of pathetic to Cassandra, but cases where cases. His reputation was the only reason most people at the court put up with his flamboyant attitude. With a sleek of black hair that was graying around some areas, Ben could bore a room in seconds flat just by presenting his name, position in the case, and any information he may have gathered "over his time". His voice was booming, his shortened sight the reason for the compensation Cassandra made the mistake of calling him "short stuff" at one point. She was almost a Mile's Diner waitress.

"I still don't know..." Adorable, naive little Denise.

"Fine. We'll be here all night, then."

"We?" She sounded like she just sucked the innard of a rubber duckie.

"You're my assistant. You don't leave until my job is done." Denise made another whine/squeaky, darting unsure looks towards Ben's mahogany door, the gleaming, gold plated name plate playing as warning to Cassandra's orders. Still, work was work and she had to do it regardless of Mr. Do Right was there or not.

"That's cold."

"You and I both wish. Now please. Meyer Urgot." Denise held back a huff and waddled off to Ben's office, her pearl heels gleaming off of the bland sunlight that poured through a far off window beside Cassandra's desk. It was getting later and later and she still hadn't gotten any filler when it came to food. There was actually a cold cut sandwich waiting on her kitchen table for her; a sandwich that would have been consumed over 10 minutes ago if Ben hadn't phoned her as soon as she grabbed her keys.

He had sounded grim, an emotion Cassandra certainly wasn't familiar with. Ben's life, as far as she knew, couldn't have been more well off. He had his own law firm, a good bit of well paying clients, and the best secretary he could afford at the time. When she was hired he was tight for money and she was fresh out of college looking for a job. It was fate that they met and they hit it off as soon as they did. She admired Ben's disposition at first, probably the first stages of post-college admiration for her boss. Cassandra made it her first priority to get on a first name basis with him, so to speak. Ben wasn't reluctant to accept, even coming so close as to offering her dinners and taking her out on the town. It was then where Cassandra drew the line on how much she really needed to know about Ben Busson.

She was very aware that something was bothering him that morning when she received his call. Her briefcase had been stuffed under her arm among with some other office necessities. When her cell rang for the 4th time, she found a way to balance the two, shoving the reliever to her ear.

"Cassandra Wintle."

"Cass, I need you to come in early and finish these Urgot papers. The case..." She heard something incoherent behind Ben's brash voice, but nothing she could make out.


"It's been moved to today and I need them done for the appeal." His voice had gone a lot clearer, though the ominous bad mood was still apparent. She fumbled with the keys like a juggling fool for a moment, now trying to do two things at once. Of course her old Stationwagon wasn't going to yield to her that morning. The sack of scrap metal had to fight with her to let her in everyday yet she still hadn't tossed it. It was given to her by her father and if he found out she trashed it, he'd be right at her front porch with a twelve gauge and an angry lecture.

"So there is going to be an appeal?"she questioned through her struggle. She swung her hips on the tarnished beige door for the third time before her key turned in success. A groan on the end of her line was her first reply.

"Come on, Cass. I need those papers."

"I'll be there as soon as I can. I'm leaving now."

"You're an angel."

"I still need to drive the speed limit, Ben."

"In disguise."

"Goodbye." He seemed like he had returned to his regular joking self when the conversation drew to an end, yet she couldn't help but to worry on the way there. Ben never stressed about a case the day the case was due. In his head,n he had already gone over the trial, his speech, and the verdict in various forms. Ill-prepared was the last thing Ben Busson stressed over, but today was different. Cassadandra had to be there to file his papers and once she got there, he was no where to be seen. Her first instinct was to get enraged that he rushed her for no reason, but it was far too early for that. Meyer Urgot's papers were scattered on her desk, most likely by Ben himself, all for Cassandra to tidy up and go through.

She peered over her stack of papers at the Ben's door which stood ajar. Urgot was trying to appeal a fender bender? As far as she knew, and she knew a great deal, he was better off confessing he hit that poor woman and pay his dues. It wasn't like he was going away for murder. The case had been drawn out longer than needed anyway, and now he was pleading innocent of tailgating and rear-ending an innocent woman? That's why Ben was so flustered when he phoned her. Anyone would blow a fuse if an useless case was drawn out longer than it had to be.

"Who now?" Denise called from the office.

"Urgot. Meyer Urgot."

"With a U, right?" Cassandra bit back a sarcastic remark and lowered her stack of papers, just to get a better glimpse into the darkened room.


"It's not here." She got angry quicker than she expected to. The lack of food and increasing headache was going to get her sooner or later. Denise had it clawing at her already.
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PostSubject: Re: Mini Stories In My Head.   Tue May 14, 2013 11:24 am

I demand moar! Also, I am moving this :3

I really like rainbows
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PostSubject: Re: Mini Stories In My Head.   Tue May 14, 2013 4:22 pm

Weeee~ =3

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PostSubject: Re: Mini Stories In My Head.   

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Mini Stories In My Head.
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