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 One Man's Greed. Pt1.

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PostSubject: One Man's Greed. Pt1.   One Man's Greed. Pt1. I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 25, 2013 6:08 pm

Ladies and Gentlemen! Prepare to journey along on the most tragedy-filled, horrific, and agonizing tale of Greed you probably have ever seen. And so the story begins.

-Curtains open and a man and wife are looking over the corpse of their daughter. The woman is still shedding tears while the man is comforting her, still feeling the dreaded loss.-

Miriam: Why?..Why did it happen Tom? Why has God taken our precious daughter from us?

Tom: She's in a better place Miriam..A place without suffering, a better condition home, and enough food to fill up her stomach..

Miriam: -sniff- I suppose your right..I don't even know how we are still around..Your boss pays you barely enough to feed us. You should be paid much more!

Tom: I can't, no one has ever gotten that man to raise a salary..

-A loud knock on the door-

Miriam: Come in!

-A man as tall as 5'2 enters in all fancy and top notch clothing with two rather large men on each side. The man has a smile that only means trouble-

Oscar: Tom! One of my finest workers! Mah boy! Why aren't you at the factory? You know at 9 sharp I expect to see you there.

Tom: I took a personal day off Boss, my..Daughter has passed away..And Miriam and I are mourning..And trying to figure out the burial plans since we have..Low funds.

Miriam: Perhaps you could spare us some money to give our daughter a proper burial Oscar? Please! This is a family member of one of your workers Th-

-Oscar holds up his hand, the expression on his face changing as he puts both his hands on his cane.-

Oscar: First of all Tom, i didn't give you a personal day..Second..Death or not..I expect to see you in uniform..Working..Making ME!..ME! Oscar Griswould, More..MONEY!..And it is none of my business nor concern to give you money to bury your daughter..You should have saved money for sudden expenses..

-Miriam and Tom are left in complete shock, Miriam walks up to Oscar-

Miriam: How dare you! Your a damned bastard! You are going to have a place in hell reserved just for you!

Tom: How could you say such a thing about someone's who passed away..My daughter! Flesh and blood!

Oscar: Your daughter isn't the one who is making me money, You are Tom..You are under my roof..And i suggest you control your wife, she is awfully close and I don't want her getting her germs all over my coat..

Miriam: I'll give you germs! -She quickly lifts up her arm, but one of the henchmen grabs her arm and breaks it, she falls to the floor crying and grabbing her arm in pain.-

Tom: You hit my wife! Oscar..Damn you..Damn you to the lowest level of hell!

-Oscar whacks Tom with his cane right across the face, causing Tom to start bleeding. Oscar steps on Tom's hands and chuckles-

Oscar: I didn't hit her..Lurch did, and as for your daughter..Why don't you do what most poor folks do...Dig a hole, then throw her body in..You can't leave her in here for ever..She'll rot and decay..Attract unwanted pests..

Tom: Your heartless bastard Oscar..How you survive is beyond me..You have no soul...-Holding his face, moving to his wife-

Oscar: I survive by being the top dog..The one with all the money, and the power to do anything..And that includes make everyone else run out of money..Now, Get to work!

Tom: Work?...

Oscar: I didn't stutter...Go! I need more shipments ready by the end of the day..You don't have to show up..Fine with me..But, however..I'm not responsible for whatever happens to your house, or wife next..Or even you..Remember..My roof..My control..-He cackles maniacally and walks out followed by his henchmen.-

-Tom quickly puts his arm around Miriam holding her tightly, Thunder booms loudly and rain begins to pour inside their house..covering the entire floor. Miriam cries, Tom closes his eyes just hoping for one day getting out of this hole-

-Meanwhile in the car Oscar laughs and sips out of his Martini glass looking to his henchmen-

Oscar: If Tom doesn't show up..I want you to exactly as I say..Break his legs..Then, make his house collapse..He'll get the message sooner or later..He is here for me to make ME more money!

-The henchmen nod and sit still-

-While the car passes by one man watches the vehicle drive off into the distance and looks back at the house. Much has transpired, closing his eyes he pulls out a locket covered in blood and crushes it to pieces, tossing it into the road..after a few moments, he walks down the hill through the woods.-
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One Man's Greed. Pt1.
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