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PostSubject: Dislocation   Dislocation I_icon_minitimeMon Sep 02, 2013 12:23 am

I ran this by our newest member Ariel and decided that if she didn't wanna do it, anyone else could! So, if you and your partner are look for ideas for an rp, here's one you can use!




BASIC PLOT:There is a guy named Nairotse Tohona! He was supposed to be from a clan known as The Hezorin Clan. The Clan was founded a long time ago when a lone dragon-like beast beast stole an orb known as the Golze Orb. The orb, when opened, has the ability to control time as we know it, opening to new dimensions and unleashing demons unlike the world has known! Nairotse was set with the task of finding the orb and protecting it, wherever it may have been, as is all of the Hezorin Clan.

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One day, it was heard that the Orb was made as a necklace, wrapped around the neck of an innocent village girl. Once Nairotse introduced himself to her and told her he would protect her, the evil Banif Clan came and took her away from him, threatening to kill her if she didn't release the orb! Nairotse fought to save her, but in doing so, the orb and Nairotse and the girl were sent to another dimension: Modern Day America. The two have no memory of anything that happened. Now they roam the cities of Chicago only knowing their names, but they will eventually meet and slowly, pieces of their lives will fit back together.

Soooo, yeah. If you wanna use this idea, be my guest! Make sure you post here to say you're interested and who your partner is! It'll be good to give your partner this link too!

Have fun!

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