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 Dark Tides: The Forum Copy

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PostSubject: Dark Tides: The Forum Copy   Dark Tides: The Forum Copy I_icon_minitimeFri Sep 06, 2013 12:27 am

Phoenix here, transcripting the Dark Tides Chat RP up onto the forums, without the comments. lliana, Layne, Rokku Hizori, Colin, Ionalien, and le me, Phoenix, all participated in this. Enjoy!

SIDE NOTE: Whoever would like can change the text colors. I might do so myself later, but I'm too lazy at the moment. -_-

[16:38:06 05/09/13] * Iliana Flight 165 was going down. There was no saving it, or anyone in it for that matter: They have all burned, disentergrated, or plummeted to a death beneath the icy black waters of Furie Sea. However, there were survivors, miraculously. These survivors are nothing more than bobbing heads in Furie Sea, desperately trying to get to shore with or without the other survivors around them.

[16:40:17 05/09/13] Colin : Swimming. I didn't see this coming. How I survived the crash, I have no idea. But I need to get to shore. There are priorities for this kind of occasion. I start swimming toward the shore, trying to conserve my energy for later preparations.

[16:44:06 05/09/13] @ Iliana : Joshua: Fucking hell, it was freezing. Fucking...fucking hell. If I didn't die from the crash, I was pretty sure the icey waters would take me. That's why I stopped struggling, stopped trying to swim to the shore. I was gonna die. It didn't matter if I survived the crash. Who knows, maybe a shark would kill me... That's when I heard the splashing. Someone was alive! I got my ass in gear and spit out about 2 gallons of water, searching around me for the survivor.

[16:47:02 05/09/13] @ Layne : Rian woke up to icy water. She wasn't just in it - she was about ten feet under and being dragged down by the seat she was still somehow strapped to. In a panic, she pulled off the belts and kicked her way to the surface. Where was she?!

[16:49:05 05/09/13] Colin : James: I hear someone near me splashing around. I consider calling out to them but then rethink it. I don't need to waste energy on talking, especially when I'm in the water. I'll talk to them when I get to shore but I need to let them know I see them somehow. I wave my arm high in the air back and forth above my head. Hopefully that got their attention. I keep swimming to shore, hoping it was more than just me and this other person who survived the crash.

[16:52:42 05/09/13] @ Iliana : Joshua Joshua closed an eye and squinted, but there it was: a waving hand, "H--" His shout was cut of f by a large wave from behind him, helping him closer to the shore, yes, but also a little deeper underwater. After a moment of wild thrashing, Joshua broke the surface and coughed loudly, making out the waving hand again. "HEY! YOU ALRIGHT?!"

[16:54:52 05/09/13] @ Layne : Blinking, Rian looked all around. Did somebody just yell? It was nearly impossible to hear over the crashing waves. "Hello?" she attempted, but ended up taking in a mouthful of seawater at the same time. Eugh. Not trying that again! She swam desperately in the same direction of the waves, her jeans heavy and keeping her from making much progress.

[16:57:00 05/09/13] Colin : James: I hear a voice calling out to me. They saw my hand. I can't really not call back now. "YEAH i'M OK! YOU?" I have to get to shore and quick.

[16:59:34 05/09/13] @ Iliana : Joshua: He heard it from right behind him, but saw the hand in front of him. What the fuck was going on? Then, it hit him like a ton of bricks. There were two of them Kicking as hard as he could in his khakis, he turned and saw the woman thrashing. Ah damn. He internally kicked himself in the foot when he back tracked away from the shore just to help the woman out. "Keep kicking! Keep kicking, dammit!"

[17:01:42 05/09/13] @ Layne : A hoodie and jeans was not the thing to wear when your plane went down in the water. Rian could barely keep her head above, and she felt a strange ache. She reached up and realized her forehead was bleeding. That explained why she had no clue where she was.. "Fuck," she groaned, attempting to swim toward the man who seemed to be coming over to her.

[17:03:47 05/09/13] Colin : James: I start swimming as fast as I can toward the shore. I'm no use out here. I'm no strong swimmer. I feel bad for not being able to help but my time to shine will come later. After what feels like an hour, I finally reach the shore. I bend over on all fours and breathe heavily. I stand back up and face the roaring sea. "HEY JUST COME THIS WAY! ANYONE WHO SURVIVED, FOLLOW MY VOICE!"

[17:07:38 05/09/13] @ Iliana : Joshua: Dumb ass move, Josh. Dumb ass move, you dumbass. It took forever, but he did it. He managed to reach the lady and help her swim by holding onto her side. Sure, it hindered his ability to book it straight to the shore as did the freezing waters, but there was no way he was going to give up now. The other voice got closer and closer until eventually, he and the woman made it safely.

[17:09:17 05/09/13] @ Layne : Rian crawled up the wet sand once they made it, coughing up salt water for a minute before collapsing on the beach. Everything just kept spinning before her eyes, she had to shut them.

[17:09:54 05/09/13] * Iliana [The three survivors finally made it onto the island. The sand was a tan brown and not very hot to the touch. Surrounding the sand were large trees and a thicket, almost like a forest.

[17:12:29 05/09/13] Colin : James: Only three survivors from the entire plane. Surprising, but at least I'm not alone. There is a man in business casual clothes and a woman in jeans and a hoodie. "Well it seems like we're going to be here for quite a while. Might as well get to know each other. I'm James."

[17:15:09 05/09/13] @ Iliana : Joshua:He wanted to say something, but nothing but salty, freezing sea water came out of his mouth for a long time. Twisting away from the woman, another bucket or two came back up before he was able to inhale and exhale air and air only. Opening a grey eye, he wiped his face with a palm, scanning over James to see if he was hurt. He looked fine, just tired. "Yeah... Josh." Joshua turned to look down at the woman, seeing blood cake her forehead and run down her nose. "Hey. You're bleeding."

[17:16:18 05/09/13] @ Layne : "I know," she groaned, her voice muffled by the sand. Oh, it hurt.. She struggled to get up on her hands and knees, swaying a bit. So dizzy.. "I'm Rian."

[17:19:34 05/09/13] Colin : James: Rian is bleeding. This I can handle. I run to the trees and grab a large flat leaf. I fold it into a long strip and pull some stringy bark off a nearby tree. I run back to Rian and wrap the leaf over the wound, securing it by tying the bark in a knot behind her head. When I feel it's secure, I step back. "There. That should hold for a while. Just don't rub it too much."

[17:22:48 05/09/13] @ Iliana : Joshua: He laid on the sand for a really long time when James went...wherever he went. Two survivors. Only 2 survivors. That meant everyone he was with was... "Son of a bitch... Oh my god..."

[17:23:57 05/09/13] @ Layne : Rian nodded a little and sat back on her heels. "Thanks," she said, staying still for a minute before carefully tugging her hoodie off. It was drenched and heavy. She set it aside for now, revealing the gun and holster on her hip. "So.. um.. How did we get here..?"

[17:26:57 05/09/13] Colin : James: I'm confused by her question. How did we get here? We were in a plane crash. We swam here. We're the only survivors. You got a head wound. Then it clicks for me. She can't remember any of it. I debate on lying to here about what happened but I decide to tell her the truth. "This may sound hard to believe but we were in a plane crash. We three are the only survivors."

[17:29:42 05/09/13] @ Iliana : Joshua:"God dammit! Hearing James say what he was ranting inside of his head made it no better. His co-workers! His employees! There was a 16 year old on that plane, for Christ's sake! Josh threw both hands in his face and muffled a grunt of pain and confusion. "Son of a fucking bitch..." Cursing always made him feel better.

[17:32:04 05/09/13] @ Layne : "A plane?" she repeated. "That's impossible. I wouldn't have been on a plane. I was.. doing something important.." she mused, now confused. What had she been doing? Flying, apparently. But she was scared of planes.

[17:34:46 05/09/13] Colin : James: She can't remember a thing about what happened. Oh well, we'll deal with that later. Right now we needed to get to some higher ground and find some shelter. "I don't mean to rush things, but we really can't stay here. We have to find or make some kind of shelter. Right now, all we can think about is survival and being rescued."

[17:38:15 05/09/13] @ Iliana : Joshua: He snapped. "What do you mean, thats all we can think about!? Oh, so nothing else fucking matters to you? There were other people on that plane, you know! KIDS. WIVES. And you have the balls to say we can't think about anything else but survival and fucking rescue!" Standing to his feet, he kicked a large tuft of sand and slid his hands through his hair, walking towards a giant thicket of trees, which he assumed to be "higher ground."

[17:40:14 05/09/13] @ Layne : Rian stared at Joshua's retreating figure, then got up and picked up her hoodie. "Come on," she mumbled, following the angry one.

[17:42:26 05/09/13] Colin : James: I follow Rian and Josh up to higher ground, trying to figure out what I said wrong. I meant no disrespect by it. I realize people lost their lives on that plane and that it was a tragic event, but if we mourn and do nothing then we'll die with them.

[17:44:53 05/09/13] * Iliana [The three headed towards the giant forest of Furie Island. Creatures did inhabit the island, some friendly, most not. The only way to get to a higher cave on the mountain of Furie Island was to trek through the jungle. That is where the survivors find themselves now.]

[17:46:36 05/09/13] @ Iliana : Joshua:The walk to the jungle made him cook off both physically and mentally. He couldn't blame them for what happened to Flight 165. It was just tough to get over in his head. Standing to his full height, he stared at the jungle knowing that they would have to go through there to get anywhere. "If we're gonna survive, we gotta go through. Me first."

[17:48:51 05/09/13] @ Layne : "What about the whole stones on the beach thing they do in the movies?" Rian offered, hesitating. The jungle seemed awfully dark.. She soon skittered after Josh anyway.

[17:51:31 05/09/13] Colin : I follow into the jungle. This is nothing like the movies. This is the real deal. I follow into the jungle, bringing up the rear. We need to find shelter, food, and fresh drinkable water. It's a good thing I brought a bottle with me. I guess being in Boy Scouts for all those years is finally paying off.

[17:53:59 05/09/13] @ Iliana : Joshua: Josh turned his head to Rian and raised a brow. "Do you know how to do the stones on the beach thing? Because I work at the movies. What do you d--" He stopped and looked at the police holster and gun. "Oh." Taking his first steps into the jungle, he turned and looked to James instead. "What do you do?"

[17:55:23 05/09/13] @ Layne : She blinked and glanced down, confused as to what he had seen. A gun? That wasn't hers! She frowned a bit and kept walking. This was confusing..

[17:56:46 05/09/13] Colin : James: "I'm a mechanical engineer. I always was good with my hands as a kid and math came easy to me. It seems like I was made for this job." I smile at my job satisfaction, but it quickly fades when I remember where we are. Fortunately, my job skills should help in building shelters if necessary.

[17:59:28 05/09/13] @ Iliana : Joshua:"Great. It's a good start." Josh peered left and right while he led them through the jungle, noticing the sky around them getting unusally darker. Too many scary movies, Shipman...

[18:00:43 05/09/13] @ Layne : Rian reached into her pockets. Wallet, keys.. useless. She fished out a pack of gum that was still sealed. Maybe still fresh? "You guys want a piece of gum?" she offered, tearing it open just to give her hands something to do.

[18:03:27 05/09/13] Colin : James: She's offering me gum? It's pointless from a survival standpoint but it reminds me of home. I start to feel nostalgic about my school days. Opening a pack of gum too loudly in a high school classroom means you lose your whole pack in one sitting. But there's just three of us here. It should last a while, plus it will help me think of home. "I'd love a piece."

[18:06:06 05/09/13] @ Iliana : Joshua: "I have my own." He realized that he was being some kind of mean to them, but that's how managers were. A far off crack sounded to his left and he suddenly stopped cold, holding up a hand to them to tell them to wait.

[18:07:00 05/09/13] @ Layne : "Oka-" she began, then she froze. She had heard it too. Turning her head, she glanced around. Nothing seemed to be moving..

[18:09:34 05/09/13] Colin : I look around me on all sides, trying to see through the trees as best as I can. I don't see movement but I see a suspicious looking shadow through the trees. "Shhh. Stay very quiet. Move slowly and watch your step."

[18:11:53 05/09/13] * Iliana [Out of no where, a giant komodo dragon like creature hissed from atop a tree not three feet away from James. The creature was all green with meanacing red, black, and yellow stripes. It was no bigger than small, compact car, but that was big enough. The creature swung it's red eyes to James first, the closest person, hissing once again.]

[18:14:30 05/09/13] @ Iliana : Joshua: "Oh shit, don't move..."

[18:15:26 05/09/13] @ Layne : "Oh.. my.. god..." Rian squeaked, trembling as she stared at the creature.

[18:16:12 05/09/13] Colin : I turn to Rian. "Now might be an excellent time to use that gun on your belt."

[18:17:38 05/09/13] @ Iliana : Joshua: Josh heard the squeak and darted his eyes to Rian just for a second, not wanting to keep his vision off the lizard for too long. "You're a cop! Cops don't squeak!"

[18:18:43 05/09/13] @ Layne : She swallowed and slowly drew the gun, staring at it. How the hell did handguns work..? Oh, right. Safety off. Cock the hammer. She looked up at Josh, then at the lizard to take careful aim.

[18:20:19 05/09/13] Colin : James: All I can think are the same words repeating in my head over and over. Please don't miss. Please don't miss. For the love of God please don't miss!

[18:21:38 05/09/13] * Iliana [Before Rian could fire, the creature broke an ear-splitting shreek and leaped all the way down from the tree, in front of Joshua.]

[18:23:15 05/09/13] @ Iliana : Joshua: He stood his ground, surprisingly, staring at the lizard with wide, grey eyes. Great. "If it's not a goddamn plane or freezing ass water, it's a giant liz--" The creature snapped and Josh jumped back. "Any time, Angel!"

[18:24:04 05/09/13] @ Layne : Rian flinched and fired, shocked that she managed to hit the thing right in the throat. Oh, gross..

[18:26:36 05/09/13] Colin : James: I watch as the lizard slumps over dead. Nice shot Twinkle Toes. I walk over to it and examine the body. I stand up and turn to the others. "Congratulations. We have dinner and possibly breakfast."

[18:28:15 05/09/13] @ Iliana : Joshua: "You have a cracked head if you think I'm eating that thing. It tried to eat me!" He upturned his nose and followed James, laying a hand on his shoulder as if to tell him good job.

[18:29:57 05/09/13] @ Layne : Putting the gun away quickly, Rian just shook her head and followed Joshua. Eating lizard.. Well, why not?

[18:33:40 05/09/13] Colin : James: "Cracked head? With all due respect, we're on an island. We can't really afford to get picky." I don't know about them but I'd love a serving of roasted lizard. Assuming we can make fire that is.

[18:38:19 05/09/13] * Iliana [With the lizard dead, the three did what they had to do to drag it to the closest tree they could find. For the time being, it would have to stay there until they had an option of cutting it somehow. Before they set off into the deeper part of the jungle, another crack behind a tree catches their attention.]

[18:45:39 05/09/13] Phoenix : A shuttering noise comes from the trees. A young adult is hanging there by her legs, her long brown hair tangled with seaweed. "Hey!" She shouted, "Why did you kill that? I had the perfect photo of you guys!"

[18:48:34 05/09/13] @ Iliana : Joshua: Joshua spun in a 180 so fast that he actually wacked his arm onto James' shoulder. There was someone else there! It was another woman, slightly younger looking than Rian, and completely covered in seaweed. "Uh... who the ffff...." He stopped talking and looked to someone else, still not believing someone else survived.

[18:49:10 05/09/13] @ Layne : "Are you kidding?" Rian asked, staring at the psycho girl.

[18:51:07 05/09/13] Colin : James: "That thing nearly killed us and you're worried about a photo?" I'll deal with the fact that there was another survivor later. For now, I'll think about how she nearly got us killed.

[18:52:16 05/09/13] Phoenix : "And you're ignoring me! Insulting me!" Maria shouted, lowering her camera- really precariously balancing it on her chin- and wrapped both her arms around a branch. "And photos are my life! Not that you care..."

[18:54:25 05/09/13] @ Iliana : Joshua: Josh stared until his eyes started to hurt. Forced to blink, he stepped around the giant lizard and closer to the newcomer, doing so carefully unless she had more on her than a camera. "The name's Josh... We were stranded because our plane crashed... How long have you been here?"

[18:55:13 05/09/13] @ Layne : Rian blinked twice and glanced at Josh to make sure she wasn't the only one thinking this girl needed to go to the loony bin. Ignoring her..? They had been talking to her the whole time.. And how did that camera work after taking a swim? This was fucking bonkers.

[18:56:03 05/09/13] Phoenix : "A day and a half." She huffed. "And I've gotten plenty of pictures in that time. There were some of weird lizards, and more of those trees, and of my clothes!"

[18:57:47 05/09/13] Colin : James: "I'm James by the way. And how did you get here a day and a half ago? We can't have been here longer than a few hours ourselves." This girl is insane. I can't trust her how she is right now.

[19:00:45 05/09/13] * Iliana [While the four started to conversate, a clap of thunder broke overhead, and in less than a minute, Furie Island began to pour down in a hard, thick rain.]

[19:01:10 05/09/13] Phoenix : Maria snorted. "I jumped off before you crashed, of course. I wanted to get the sunrise.... It was pretty. I have photos of it! Here! Look!" Maria hung her camera from her right arm and let her legs drop from the branch, before letting go, landing on the ground, and shoving her camera in Jame's face, completely ignoring the rain.

[19:08:19 05/09/13] Ionalien : Nicholas stumbled into view of the other four, almost dehydrated because he had no idea about how to survive anywhere but his apartment. "Erm...hello?" he shook his head. "Do you have water?"

[19:08:37 05/09/13] Ionalien : (*parents basement)

[19:10:31 05/09/13] @ Iliana : Joshua: "Holy fucking shit! He was expecting the first nameless girl to be straight nuts, and now another person came out of nowhere! Josh didn't too much care for James and Rian, but he was definitely glad he knew the two weren't crazy. A large drop of rain pelted him right on the nose. "You can always stick your tongue out,"he commented, motioning to the rain. "Who are you people?

[19:12:24 05/09/13] @ Layne : "We're surrounded by water," Rian pointed out, then paused as she started to remember why she had been on the plane in the first place. Shit.. "We need to find shelter. I'm not standing out here in the rain. Come on," she said, wandering off without bothering to see if anybody was following.

[19:15:13 05/09/13] Colin : James: Jumping back from the camera in my face, I follow Rian. She has the right idea. Survival is most important right now. Then I remembered that I have something to clean the lizard with. I walk over to it and pull out my pocket knife. I start the process of cleaning it and separating meat from internal organs and other inedible material.

[19:21:58 05/09/13] Phoenix : "Look at the rain," Maria said dreamily as she plopped herself onto the ground, the butt of her jeans becoming instantly soaked. "We should get a fire started. Right here would be a nice spot. We've got enough people for shifts, good photos, and wood collection! Yeah!"

[19:27:10 05/09/13] * Rokku Hizori A black mist slowly spirals around through the trees, weaving in and out , until it mades its way to Rian. She, of course, was the only one who could see it. "My love, my you remember me?"

[19:27:28 05/09/13] Ionalien : "What? Fire? I still think more water would be good..." he said as he looked up and held his mouth open for water. "Also my name is Nicholas." He said as he heard the guy who was looking at him like he was crazy. Which admittedly he was partially.

[19:27:56 05/09/13] @ Iliana : Joshua: "Sleeping here isn't really a good ide--" Rian wasn't hearing anything. She just walked away and he stood, waving his arms wildly. "Hey! What the hell do you think you're doing! You'll die if you go alone!!"

[19:28:00 05/09/13] Ionalien : (*partially due to near dehydration)

[ [19:29:09 05/09/13] @ Layne : Rian stopped walking, but not just because of Joshua. She blinked and stared at the mist, mesmerized. Was she seeing things..? "Um.."

[19:30:30 05/09/13] * Rokku Hizori The mist released a feeling of woe and disappointment. "My love, how could you? How could you forget me? Do you not love me? Is that not why you came here?"

[19:32:25 05/09/13] Colin : As I finish cleaning the fish, I look around and try to assess our situation. We have a girl who loves pictures and can't focus on real issues, a man who doesn't recognize water when it's falling on him, a girl who is walking off on her own for some reason, and a sane person. I walk over to Josh. "I think we may be the only sane people on this island."

[19:35:12 05/09/13] @ Iliana : Joshua: "Island... Furie Island. Oh sweet fuck, we're on Furie Island!?" Josh was told tales about Furie Island... about people going but never coming back, strange creatures, and a water that ships and boats fear to even go near. Well, the creatures was the first thing.... Hopefully the former wasn't true. "Ah, shit...."

[19:35:19 05/09/13] Phoenix : "I'm sane!" Maria argued from the jungle floor. "I'm also an accredited photographer, who says we need a fire to survive!: She suddenly turned towards Mr. Water doesn't exist with owl-like eyes "I can show you a picture of water. I have plenty of those."

[19:35:46 05/09/13] @ Layne : Rian ignored everybody else and frowned, suddenly feeling a wave of guilt for causing the mist such pain. How dare she? She blinked and continued to watch it. "I.. I don't.. I'm sorry," she managed, her voice barely above a whisper. "What do you want?"

[19:37:22 05/09/13] * Rokku Hizori The mist swirled around Rian, almost as if giving her a warm embrace. "I want to be with you, my darling, and only you...forver...but there's so many people with you...

[19:38:30 05/09/13] Ionalien : "Are you kidding? Why would you do that?? I want to DRINK it not look at it! You are crazy," he said, nearing anger because the water falling from the sky wasn't enough. "Also I may or may not be sane anymore. I don't even know. Do you have internet here?"

[19:41:34 05/09/13] Phoenix : Maria sacrificed a small glare for Mr. Water before turning towards Rian. "It's a ghost, isn't it?" She ominously whispered. "You're speaking to thin air,,, I want a picture."

[19:42:44 05/09/13] @ Layne : People? She looked around and realized he - in her mind the mist was now a man - was right. There were so many people.. How could they be alone like this? She slowly curled her fingers around her gun. "I shouldn't.." she mumbled, glancing at the crazy girl who was speaking of ghosts.

[19:43:24 05/09/13] Colin : James: Furie Island? Oh no. We're doomed. There's no escape and the island itself will drive us insane. I'm not letting that happen. If there's no way off this island, I want to go out with a sound mind. I walk to Rian, grab her gun and level it with my own head before turning to the group. "There is no escape. Goodbye everyone." I pull the trigger, feel a flash of pain, and my mind goes dark.

[19:46:18 05/09/13] Phoenix : "Holy mother of-" Maria gasped as she instinctively backed up, crashing into a tree. Her head bonked on the bark as her camera flew to her face, propelled by her momentum.

[19:46:40 05/09/13] * Rokku Hizori "My sweet must. You must do it for me...So we can be together...I love you. You love me too, don't you? Kill them for me? For us?"

[19:47:37 05/09/13] Ionalien : "Jesus christ!" he exclaimed as the gun went off. "Did he just...? No. Don't answer that. I...I think I'm gonna puke." he turned around and retched loudly, but only a small ammount of vomit came out.

[19:48:13 05/09/13] @ Layne : "Yes, I-" Rian began, then she stopped and stared at James as he took her gun. What was he doing? She gasped and stepped back from the gorey sight, momentarily forgetting the mist as she stared at her gun lying in a puddle of fresh blood.

[19:50:00 05/09/13] * Rokku Hizori "You see my darling? They WANT us to be together. They see the power of our love! Do it! Let us be together forever!"

[19:56:02 05/09/13] @ Layne : Rian slowly stepped forward and picked up the bloody gun, not caring about the warm liquid now running down her fingers as she turned and took aim at Maria. She hesitated just a moment, then fired twice.

[19:58:13 05/09/13] Ionalien : He heard two more gunshots and turned to see a woman holding a smoking gun. He took off running in the other direction, scared for his life, even more so then before.

[20:03:18 05/09/13] Phoenix : The bullet and the camera hit Maria's head at the same time, a small click resounding through the jungle as raindrops forced the shutter button down. "A great picture..." Maria, the photographer who never shared her name, mumbled as her body went cold.

[20:05:29 05/09/13] Ionalien : He ran like hell and also like someone who was still pretty dehydrated, and almost tripped. And then he did trip. Less than ten feet from the killer. He looked behind him and pleaded with her, "Please! Dont kill me!

[20:05:46 05/09/13] @ Rokku Hizori : "Yes my love! My darling! We will be together soon! Your soul shall be mine forever! I love you Rian!"

[20:07:10 05/09/13] @ Layne : Smiling at the affection of the mist, Rian turned and shot a stunned Josh right between the eyes before taking off running after the last one. When he tripped, she stopped and watched him beg for his life as she leveled the gun at him. "What should I do?" she murmured, glancing at the mist.

[20:09:33 05/09/13] Ionalien : He doubted he had any time left. She asked what to do, and he guessed he didn't have a say so he rolled sideways into a nearby bush and scrambled to get through.

[20:11:52 05/09/13] @ Rokku Hizori : The mist surrounded the boy, revealing itself to him. "Kill him my darling...he is all that stands in the way of us being together...forever.

[20:12:34 05/09/13] @ Layne : Rian followed the panicking boy and smiled. He didn't
have a chance. She shot him right in the back of the head.

[20:12:34 05/09/13] @ Layne : Rian followed the panicking boy and smiled. He didn't have a chance. She shot him right in the back of the head.

[20:14:18 05/09/13] Ionalien : He felt an instant of searing pain and then it was over. His last thoughts were "Am I going to live?"

[20:15:41 05/09/13] @ Rokku Hizori : The mist swirled around Rian, pure joy eminateing from it. "Pick one, my dear, one and only one!"

[20:16:24 05/09/13] @ Layne : Rian blinked, dazed and confused as she stared at her 'lover'. "Pick one.. what?"

[20:16:57 05/09/13] @ Rokku Hizori : "Pick a vessel my love! Pick one, and we can be together!

[20:17:51 05/09/13] @ Layne : "A vessel?" she repeated, then she smiled. "Oh! Um.. That one."

[20:21:04 05/09/13] @ Rokku Hizori : The mist swirled over and siphoned itself into the corspe of Josh, the body healing almost instantly. The body got up, and turned to Rian, smiling. It rushed to Rian, and pulled her into it, kissing her. "We can be together my love...forever..." It said, and then bit out the woman's neck. "Together...forever..." It said, lifting her very soul out of the body, and walking into the jungle.

I like green. And writing the insane people.
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