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 The Importance of Posting Orders

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The Importance of Posting Orders Empty
PostSubject: The Importance of Posting Orders   The Importance of Posting Orders I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 08, 2013 1:18 am

Okay, this isn't necessarily a tutorial, but it's something really important for everybody to know. This is something that can be really hard for people who are new to forum roleplaying to understand, because posting orders are not something you have to think about when roleplaying one-on-one. You go, the other person goes, you go, and you have a happy day. Things get a bit more complicated when you throw other people in the mix.

Sometimes, people take a while to respond because they're busy/at work/at school/on a date with Brad Pitt/whatever. And in that time, other people can get impatient [Guilty as charged] and post out of order.

This is a problem.

Say your name is Joe and you start your roleplay. Mary posts after you do, then Greg and Sue. You post again, but Mary is at work. Greg posts anyway and you respond, then Sue hops in and by the time Mary comes home, the three of you are four days ahead and she's dead in an alley somewhere.

Wait, what?

Yes. Poor Mary.

When you are posting in a group roleplay, it is very important to allow all other players to post once before you post again. It makes the story even, and it also will keep from upsetting other players who will suddenly have a lot to respond to and catch up on if you go overboard.

If you have any questions, just ask!

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The Importance of Posting Orders
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