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 The Guide to Agasaria!

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PostSubject: The Guide to Agasaria!   The Guide to Agasaria! I_icon_minitimeFri Jan 31, 2014 1:11 am

Agasarian Staff want you to be as comfortable as can be in its community! Once you have posted in the Introduction Thread and said hello to everyone, we bet you’re ready to get some Roleplays going! This Thread is an in-depth look on how you can get yourself started in Agasaria! Here, we have provided some links and guides to roleplaying!

TO START YOUR OWN THREAD: 1.) Always make sure you are posting to the correct forum! Take a good look around the site to see where you should post. There are certain forums for certain threads. For example, you won’t post a roleplay in the introduction thread, now would you? X)

2.) Once you are in your correct forum, find the NEW TOPIC button at the top left corner of the thread.

3.) From there, make sure you fill out the proper forms. A TITLE will be needed. The DESCRIPTION is optional, but if you want a quick description on what your thread is, you are more than welcome to put it in. Lastly, the MESSAGE BODY is where you will post whatever it is you want to say.

4.) There are certain ways you can format your post. You may change the font type, color, and use other BBCode options. To learn more about formatting, you can tinker with some of the options on the toolbar above or see Iliana to broaden your formatting knowledge!

5.) SUBMIT your post and you will be redirected back to it!


  • This is mostly for our new members! You can post a hello into the Introductions thread and let us meet you for the first time!
  • If you have any questions, you can post them in the QUESTION TIME! thread.
  • We are posting new tutorials to help expand your role playing, as well! Go to Tutorials for advice.


  • This is where you will get most of your roleplaying done! In the Plotting and Scheming thread you can create your own Sign-Ups for Group or One on One Roleplays. You can also join other Sign-Ups as well.
  • If you have an idea for a roleplay that you don’t have time to do, you can place that in The Dump.
  • There are several Genre Threads. If you want to do a roleplay, make sure you pick a genre to post it to. If it is a ONE ON ONE roleplay, make sure you post it into the ONE ON ONE section in the Genre Thread of your choice!


  • Here, you can participate in leisure conversation and activities with the members and staff!
  • Wanna play or create a Game? Go for it!
  • General Chatting is for members to post anything on their mind about anything at all, site-related or not.
  • The Suggestion Box is for any suggestions to the Staff about site changes!


  • This thread is mainly to show off your many talents! The Staff will always put up a Challenge for you to respond to at your leisure, if you’re looking to boost your writing and impress us. >=)
  • If you have a sa-weet character in mind, post their sheets in Character Creation. Some members even base their future role play ides off of random character sheets!
  • If you’re a poet and didn’t even know it, post them into the Poetry Corner!
  • If you have some beautiful scenery in mind or have even found images, post them into Shaping Settings!
  • If you’ve written a story and you want to share it for the member’s reading enjoyment, show it off in the Story Sharing thread!


  • This is for threads 30+ days old with no response, whether it Roleplays or OOC (Out of Character) threads.

We hope this tutorial has helped you all out. If you all have any more questions, please send any Moderator or Administrator a PM. We will answer you quickly and efficiently!

The Guide to Agasaria! Cooltext1404652147_zpse09fcadf

The Guide to Agasaria! Cooltext1404612370_zps6cca0797

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The Guide to Agasaria!
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