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 Loryken Worp

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PostSubject: Loryken Worp    Loryken Worp  I_icon_minitimeFri Jan 31, 2014 3:00 am

Character Name: Loryken Worp

Evil Title: Talon of Tyranny

Gender: Male

Species/Race: Human

Age: 46

Birthplace/World: Kerevcah, a broken land in the sky now made into a dark set of ruins near caves.

General Appearance: 6'9 with the skin color of creme, though not as sweet. He has long black and light blue hair, tinted with strands of white due to stress, not age. His attire ranges from anything that used to be filled with life to something metallic...and used to be filled with life. The most noticeable thing is the grotesque arm attachment on his right arm. He does have a human arm underneath it, but a certain slow creeping power locks it into place. Though he does not mind. With power comes style.

Powers: Conduction: Taking electric waves or any source of light and feed them through his right arm, known as Derus (Dur-Roos). Derus is not the only way the electricity can flow in and out of his body. Other insulators in his bodice allows for the powers to flow through, though it usually comes out in blasts or swipes of his talons.

Weaknesses: Submission: When in battle or even in debate, he does not care too much for the mercy rule or for someone to beg for their life. It makes him feel as though he has to make a choice on whether to be kind and merciful or menacing and horrid. He would much rather be known as a malicious butcher, not debate on it. When in that situation, Loryken will make sure they are silenced, whether it be by death or some other form of injury. Does not make very well for an ally, it seems. Bright Side: Given anytime, he may actually walk away from the begging and tears, just to save him from the headache.

General Personality: He comes across as a very civilized murder. Strange that he does his own dirty work, but it keeps him happy. Malicious as malice comes, Loryken 'plays with his food' before eating it. He will ease one's mind and fear with a pearly toothed smile, eyes softening as much as they can through the long locks of hair.

He does not want to come across as a bad guy, no. His attire is a red blinking light, but that does not mean one may not commend him on his attitude and articulate pattern of words, even if they were going to die soon after the conversation. Loryken believes, Why kill something without getting every once of information out of them before they gargle? With great wisdom comes great death.

He hides that look behind the calm facade which usually never wavers unless he is being begged or has to see tears.

General History: He was once called the Prince of Talons in Kerevcah, until the land fell of course. The fate of his people was not a grim one, for with the natural ability and accustom ways of flight in their veins, falling was not as hard as rebuilding was. The land was a castle of some sorts, forever rotating on a power, magical axis on its own. It was never bothered and also never visited. Stories from Kerevcah were dark and spun into a livid pattern: Murderous Interrogators.

Loryken called himself something of a High Scholar. The information he knew was immaculate and also bowed upon to the fellow people around him. He researched so much, he taught himself to to toy and tug his abilities and powers. His body has always interested him: Could it be made stronger? Do his outfits affect him in a good or bad way? If electricity flows through his veins, does that make him invulnerable to being harmed? Questions need answers and answers always need to be flexed.

Kerevcah's fall only made Kerevcah more of a tourist spot. People come from all over to see the legendary floating land now be brought down to a level ground...Loryken did not approve. He snapped at all who came to gawk at the land, voicing that he and his people are far more superior in mind and brawn to be looked down upon just due to being ground-set. Infuriated at too many eyes on his 'office' and questions about the truth of the fall of Kerevcah, Loryken spawns an idea of his own: Why not travel to the land and find someone to do his dirty work for him? Why stain his scholarly robes trying to protect his knowledge on all lands (eventually planning to tirade), when he can get someone to do it for him? That is the closest thing peace he is going to get, but far from the entertainment.


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Loryken Worp
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