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 Grawgh, The Unpredictable

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PostSubject: Grawgh, The Unpredictable   Grawgh, The Unpredictable I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 02, 2014 4:34 am

Name: Grawgh
Age/Gender: Male, 34
Species: Orc
-Engineery!:Grawgh is an expert engineer and is always constantly building something when he's not called upon for a job, or if he's really bored in a meeting. Thus led to the creation of the Game-0rc. From crafting guns, giant mechanical suits, and even his trusty goggles.

-Goggles: The trademark white goggles Grawgh wears on his face. The goggles have different functions such as thermal seeking, and analyzing territory. Along with functions, the goggles also have two program settings that were added due to an accident. The settings are chef mode and karaoke mode.

Appearance: Grawgh stands about 6'6 in height and is a rather bulky orc. His skin is a light green color, which the only place you could tell that would be staring at his head. On his head he wears a pair of white goggles that look to engineered for advanced purposes. His hair is black and goes down to the middle of his shoulder blades and braided down the torso. From the braided hair, you would also notice the two large tusks coming from the orc's bottom lip while on his chin he has a medium length beard that runs wild. The rest of his body, shoulder to toe. is covered by black and green armor, that appears to contain some strong presence within them, but don't appear to be anything more than just decoration. The belt on his waist also looks to have some strange buttons on them that perform different things, added by himself.

Weapons: A long black barreled rifle with a scope.

Bio: Not much about Grawgh is really known. If you were to ask him anything about his history. He'd tell you that the last thing he remembered was that he saw a bunch of angry orc shadows yelling and hitting very early on in his youth. During this time, he made friends with well..Himself and Himself. Many people have come to notice Grawgh's condition of split-personality where he constantly finds himself in the middle of conversations with his two personalities. The three became best friends and discovered the one thing that makes them happiest in life, pastries. Yep. Sweets of any kind. And it was following a pastry cart one day that led Grawgh to learn about engineering. Although he..Well..They all seem crazy, the orc has good intentions and can pull anyone out of a bad mood.
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Grawgh, The Unpredictable
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