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 Know your Genre!

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PostSubject: Know your Genre!   Know your Genre! I_icon_minitimeSat Dec 29, 2012 5:54 pm

Many people know what genre is, its the subject matter that a story revolves around. However, not everyone knows just how many genres there are, or where certain sub-genre's fit! This is here to help keep your roleplays organized and in the right section!

Fantasy: This is by far the most popular genre, and is very diverse. A general rule is that is it involves magic and spells, it is considered fantasy. Fantasy elements include knights, dragons, kings, sorcerers, mythic creatures, etc. The key to fantasy is that it contains elements of a far off magical world. However, myths also fit into this category. If it involves things such as the Greek gods, or Arthurian Legend, it is also fantasy.

Modern: Modern can range from slice of life stories to paranormal activity in an abandoned building. Spy dramas and political disputes between modern nations also fall into this category. Some elements of fantasy can sometimes be found in the modern genre, and generally, if it contains mystical elements but takes place in the modern world, it is considered modern.

Horror: This is the simplest genre to describe. If it is meant to inspire fear or make the heart race, its horror.

Romance: Also simple, love stories and sexy escapades fit into romance.

Scifi: This involves things such as extraterrestrial beings, Alien worlds, space sagas, and high technological progress. Post-apocalyptic stories also fit into this category. Some also consider zombie stories to fit into this category.

Medieval Roleplays differ from fantasy in that they realistically depict historical aspects of our world. More broadly defined as "Historical fiction", it covers the time period from the beginning of human history to just yesterday. They key is that it is in the past, and is true to the period.

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Know your Genre!
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